Is a wishing well appropriate?

Wishing wells are becoming more popular.

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particularly as brides and grooms are increasingly living together before their wedding. 

In fact most weddings have them nowadays.

It can be a practical alternative because will they already have toasters, crockery, glassware and many of the other traditional wedding gifts.

It is also not unusual for the bride and groom to request contributions towards something specific.  This may be their honeymoon, or even a kitchen renovation.

Awkwardness may arise because some guests may feel unsure about how much to contribute.

Wishing Well ideas

If they ever need a suggestion, the cash value of a gift they would otherwise have purchased or their estimate of the cost the bridal couple spent so they could attend their wedding is usually appropriate.  Older people may find this particularly difficult, purely because they will be more used to purchasing a gift from a bridal registry.  Having a registry used to be very common.

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A wishing well can be a practical alternative though. Just remember to keep it locked and secure.