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Optional extras

For a little added indulgence. Choose from our optional extras.

For a little added indulgence on your special day, we offer a range of optional extras which can be booked individually. Any of these extras can also be purchased to help you reach your minimum spend requirement.


Venue Decorations & Additions

Styling Options

We offer a range of styling options including coloured linen, charger plates, a new centrepiece and decorative lighting.  Combinations can be hired as Packages, but each item is also available individually.  Click here for a detailed list of what’s available.

Gazebo Chandelier: $75

A stunning, lit chandelier can be hung in the Gazebo for some added elegance at our outdoor ceremony area.

Gazebo Draping: $150

White fabric draping at the entrance to the Gazebo, silk foral arrangements on the front posts and white satin sashes on the aisle chairs provide an extra decorative touch.

Cake Stand: $50

A decorated silver round stand 54cm in diameter and 16cm high can be placed under your cake to provide it with some extra height.

Donut Wall: $250

An amazing display of donuts placed on shelves will definitely tempt your guests. 60 donuts are included in a wide variety. Extras are available at $40 per dozen.

Cream Carpet Runner: $150

A classic alternative to the traditional red carpet runner (nb. only available for use in the indoor ceremony area, not outside).

Fairy Light Curtain Wall: $150

A stunning display with hundreds of fairy lights hanging with white fabric behind the bridal table (nb, only available when the bridal table is located in front of the end doors).

Chair decoration: $5 per chair

White or black chair covers with your choice of coloured sash (satin or organza) can be arranged for $5 per chair (if requested, silver buckles are $1 extra each). Alternatively, chair sashes on their own and table runners cost $3 each.

White chair covers with a latte satin bow can also be arranged for our indoor ceremony area at a cost of only $2 per chair.

Rugs: $100

For outdoor ceremonies on cooler days you can offer your guests blankets. 20 are available although any requiring repair or replacement will be charged at $20 each.

Bridal Lounge: $250

Available on your wedding day as a place to get ready with your bridal party. Lunch and drinks can be ordered from the Restaurant and delivered to the Lounge.



Premium Wines: $9 extra per adult

Guests would be served De Bortoli Lorimer Sparkling (Chardonnay Pinot Noir), Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz throughout your reception in addition to the house range. Other selections can be costed separately upon request.

Premium Beers: $8 extra per adult

Guests would be able to enjoy Corona and Little Creatures Pale Ale in addition to the house range. Other preferences can be costed separately upon request.

Signature Cocktails: $10 extra per adult

A welcome cocktail can be provided to your guests at the commencement of your reception.



Silent Disco:  $300

Provide your guests with a unique experience where they can dance to music they listen to on wireless headphones for some of your reception. Music is broadcast on two channels, which gives guests a choice of what they can dance to. Separate background music is still played for those not using headphones.

Time Extensions: $5 extra per adult per half hour

This includes beverages & service staff – ideal for those wanting to celebrate for longer!

Lawn Games: $200

The lawn in front of the Manor is an ideal setting for lawn games and a great way for your guests to entertain themselves after your ceremony. We have coits, giant jenga, croquet and giant connect four.

LOVE Letters: $250

Giant letters spelling LOVE can be hired and displayed on the lawn in front of the Manor for photographs.

Fingerprint Tree: $150

As a great alternative to a guest book, guests can place their fingerprints on a picture of a tree that makes an eye-catching display for your home.

Lemondade stand: $200

Offer your guests a refreshing drink from our old fashioned lemonade stand set up prior to your outdoor ceremony.

Happily Ever After: $250

Bring a touch of Hollywood and glamour to your wedding with a neon floral backdrop for photography.


Menu Additions

Entrée Platters: $5 extra per adult / teenager

Shared entrée platters can be provided for your guests. You can choose from our Italian Anti-Pasto, Mediterranean, Assorted Savoury, Greek, Turkish Dips or Asian themed platters.

Second Entrée*: $3 extra per adult / teenager

A second entrée can be provided to your guests, served alternating.

Extended Choice Menu*: $7.50 extra per adult per course

Your guests can be given the option to choose from a set menu where each course has three alternatives

Dessert Table Buffet*: $7.50 extra per person

A delicious buffet selection of desserts served to your table in a truly impressive display as an alternative to two desserts served alternating.

Salads*: $30 extra per table

Salads can be provided for your guests served in bowls to the centre of each table. You can choose from our Greek, Garden, Waldorf or Caesar salads.

Cheese Platters: $10 extra per adult

A gourmet cheese platter with accompanying condiments can be served to your guests.

 *  Only available with the Sherbrooke Dining Package



Platters can also be made available during ‘cash bars’, pre dinners or when your guests are seated

Each platter is intended to serve 20 guests

Anti-pasto platter: $70 per platter

Assorted selection of ham, prosciutto, salami, olives, feta and assorted pickled vegetables with olive drizzled bread.

Cheese platter: $70 per platter

Consisting of brie, tasty and blue cheese topped by a selection of dried fruits & nuts accompanied by water crackers.

Asian platter: $60 per platter

Including spring rolls, samosas, prawn twisters, Thai fish cakes and smoked salmon.

Wedge platter: $45 per platter

Crispy potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Assorted savoury platter : $60 per platter

Spinach and ricotta triangles, assorted mini gourmet pies, assorted arancini and homemade sausage rolls.

Cheesy garlic pizza : From $10 per pizza

Devonshire tea buffet: $12 per guest.

A delicious buffet set up in the predinner drinks area including two scones per guest, double cream and exclusive Marybrooke homemade conserve made from local ingredients.  Tea & filtered coffee are included.


And for something really different…

Grazing Table:  $12.50 extra per adult

An impressive grazing table can be set up during any cash bar or predinner drinks period which will definitely achieve a ‘wow’ from your guests.

Consisting of a variety of antipasto, cheeses, fruit, dips and mini-pastries, it is ideal for cash bar periods before canapés commence or as an addition to the traditional pre dinner drinks canapés.

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We are delighted you are considering Marybrooke Manor for your special day.