What can we do about the weather?

The unfortunate answer is not much ...

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other than arrange back ups for everything you are planning to do outside.

In recent years we’ve had hail on Christmas Day, the wettest spring on record, and dry winters.

Melbourne is notorious for its highly variable weather.

While we cant change that, what you can do is ensure you have a wet weather fall back for every part of your day that involves being outside.

For instance, where will your guests gather if it is raining when they arrive at your ceremony venue?  Is the indoor ceremony venue suitable in size and appearance?  Can decorations you were planning to use outside be transferred inside?

Where will you then have photos?  Is there a suitable photography room or indoor space.

And what about your guests?  Is there an acceptable area indoors where they can relax, enjoy a drink and avoid any bad weather?

Remember also that bad weather may not just mean wet weather. In winter the skies may be clear, but it might be too cold to be outside – particularly for older guests.  In summer it might be too hot – even in the shade.

It’s important to have fallbacks that you find acceptable.