What are couples doing that is really different?

Today’s weddings are all about personalisation – doing things that are different but reflect you as a couple.

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Donut walls are very popular, either during pre-dinner drinks or later in the reception as a final snack after dessert.

They are visually impressive and great for those with a sweet tooth.

Grazing stations or boards are particularly impressive while guests are mingling prior to being seated in the reception.  Effectively large antipasto and cheese platters, they are great for people to graze from.

Silent discos are increasingly popular overseas, particularly at venues with noise limitations imposed by local governments.  They are highly entertaining though even if there is no regulatory restriction, particularly if you want some music played that may not appeal to everyone or you want to allow guests the option to dance without the music being too loud for those who want to stay off the dance floor.  A great idea is to mix it up and have the silent disco for some but not all of your reception.

Take into account your guests’ comfort.  That might mean providing water bottles at outdoor ceremonies in summer or blankets in winter.

Involving pets in ceremonies is popular, remember to have someone look after them and check it is acceptable for the venue.  Be careful though if you want to use pets as ring bearers. It might be safe to attach fake rings to them and then discretely swap them for the real ones when the pet reaches you.

Most venues will allow any or all of the above, if you request it in advance.