We can’t dance! Does it matter?

Don’t worry!  The bridal dance is typically done straight after the cutting of the cake. 

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While the cutting of the cake symbolises the bridal couple sharing their first meal together, the dance represents their ‘entrance as a couple into society’.

The dance also usually marks the end of formalities and the start of party time.

Years ago the dance would traditionally have been a waltz.  Nowadays the type and standard of dance varies enormously, as seen in numerous online videos.

What’s important though is the moment the new married couple share as they dance together – not the standard of their dancing.

Despite some online bridal dances being amazing and raising some peoples’ expectations, they are no where near as common as you may think. In fact most of those dances are highly choreographed and take a lot of rehearsing, which requires skills and time most couples simply do not have in the weeks leading up to their wedding.

So by all means have a practice, with or without an instructor.  But manage your expectations, and remember the guests at your wedding will not judge you.

The best suggestion is not to try and do something that doesn’t come naturally.  After all, it’s the symbolism and romanticism of the moment that counts – and the fact that ‘party time’ usually follows!