Should I have a Photo Booth?

They are ideal for large or small weddings and add a bit of excitement to the environment.

Estimated Reading Time: 2 min

Having a booth set up for photos is a great way to ensure people are being snapped at your wedding without having to formally gather family members and friends together during the reception.

Most booth companies provide props for guests to use in photos as well as options for black and white or coloured images.

However, when looking for a photo booth company, we suggest you always select full time businesses as opposed to part time because they have another business to take care of and may just be into photo booths to make some quick money.  Full time photo booth companies will ensure you get the best in customer service as well as quality photos.

We also suggest you always arrange for the booth to be manned at your wedding.  Even if this service costs extra, it will give you great piece of mind, as the attendant will be able to fix any problems.  Good attendants will also promote the use of the booth and encourage guests to have fun!

You can also ask to see the booths before deciding on them or not, and this will determine if their equipment is of a high standard.  You should also always ask for previous work samples and don’t just settle for what they tell you.

Good photobooth companies won’t have a problem showing you samples, however a less professional company will prefer to talk more about it than actually show you.