How can I get my partner more involved in our wedding?

Sometimes Grooms Are Happy With This And Will ‘Just Go Along’ With Everything.  It’s Not That They Don’t Care.  Rather, They Are Often Happy To Let The Bride Take The Lead – Preferring To Take The Attitude That They Will Be Happy If She Is Happy.

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Weddings are usually all about the bride.

While some grooms will be more involved, in reality they are the exception.

Many brides are happy (and some are relieved) with the groom effectively taking a back seat.

However, some want their grooms to be more involved. There will also be some grooms who want to be more involved but do not know how to.

So the best way to get them involved is to ask them for their input on the areas they are likely to be interested in.  Ask them what they think about certain things, but don’t be disheartened or dismayed if they don’t seem to care, don’t really provide a view, or simply respond with ‘whatever you think’.  At least you are giving them a chance.

Right from the outset, ask him which areas of the planning of the wedding interest him.  This will often be wedding cars, suits, honeymoon and perhaps entertainment.  Bang!  There are four areas you can actively involve him in whilst removing some of the items from your list.

You can also give them specific tasks. Not too many.  Nothing too difficult.  And be ready to provide guidance.  We don’t mean to sound condescending towards grooms, many will not know where to start with wedding-related tasks and the last thing you need is him asking you every five seconds if what he is doing is correct.

Probably the biggest challenge is to work out how much they really want to be involved and in which areas.