How do I choose a good celebrant?

Let’s start by asking the opposite question.  How do people unwittingly choose a poor celebrant?

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They may go for the cheapest.  They may not meet them in person.  They may blindly act on the recommendation of someone else.

That is what you must avoid.

To choose a good celebrant you should first think of the style you want.  Male or female?  Young or older?  Religious or civil?  Serious or light hearted?  Do you want a quick standard ceremony or one personalised for you?  There is no right or wrong, just what suits you.

Such a criteria will make it easier to search online, at which time you can establish contact with a few celebrants.  By all means ask friends for suggestions.  Ask your venue for recommendations aswell.  You can then effectively interview them online and read their reviews before meeting them in person.

Such meetings are critical because you will get a ‘feel’ for them.  It is important you get on well with them straight away, as you wont have time for a long friendship to evolve before your wedding.

Whoever you choose though, make sure you do it well in advance.  You need to submit a Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before your big day.